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How To Order

We process all orders within one business day, each package is shipping insulated and kept cool with refrigerated express shipping.

GND Wonder
  1. Search your Insulin or Medication
  2. Add what you would like to purchase to your “cart”
  3. Click “Check out” to insert your form of payment and your done!

Please Note:

For prescription medication orders, you will need to send a scanned (or quality digital photo) copy of your prescription to us. You can upload it directly to this website after you have placed your order, or fax it to us at 1-833-511-7762. If your order does not contain any prescription medications, your order can be processed without any additional documentation.

To order by phone (toll free: 1-888–552-4929), simply call and speak directly to one of our patient specialists. Our friendly staff will review your order details directly with you and arrange for you to send your prescription to us.

To order by fax, print and fill out our Medication Order Form, and then fax it along with a copy of your prescriptions to our toll free fax number: 220-24701-833-

Note – if your prescription is not on file when we process your prescription order, our staff will contact you directly to ensure that you send it to us.

Some medications are prescribed by your doctor with multiple fills. If we still have some refills left on file from your previous prescriptions, you are able to create your order online and submit it to us without sending a copy of your prescription. To do this, go to the refills page, and login with the account details you used to first create your account. Once you login, you will be able to place a refill by going to the ‘Re-Order Products’ link on your account profile page. From there, just select the medication and proceed through the checkout process as you did when you first created your order.

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